ComicBookMovie’s TOP 3 News Articles From Last Week!

Sometimes big news in the world of entertainment happens so fast, it catches The Flash off guard, so we here at Comicbookmovie want to make sure you didn’t miss some of last week’s biggest headlines for the week of 2/27/2017 – 3/5/2017.

Let’s start with the first teaser for The Merc With a Mouth’s sequel.

Following a leaked recording, Ryan Reynolds has debuted an official version of the recent “No Good Deed” Deadpool 2 teaser that originally screened in front of James Mangold’s Logan in several locations. We’re not really sure if this is meant as the actual first teaser for the sequel or simply more of a concept short, but either way, it’s pretty damn funny. Deadpool 2 is expected to go into production soon, so keep an eye out for those Cable and Domino casting announcements.

Shifting from Marvel and into the DCEU, we may know who will appear in the Green Lantern Corps. Caution, mild spoilers ahead if true.

It looks like Abin Sur might be appearing as a Green Lantern who crashes to Earth and passes his ring on to Hal Jordan. This rumor comes courtesy of Geek Feed who revealed that they were contacted six months ago by someone who had visited the set of the movie and seen a member of the heroic group in concept art on display there.

And lastly, while we’re on the topic of the Justice League, we get our very first look at Jason Momoa’s Aquaman in his natural habitat. It’s just a few seconds of off-screen footage, but it looks pretty awesome.

You can check out the full articles below!

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[SPOILER] Will Be The Member Of The Green Lantern Corps We See In JUSTICE LEAGUE

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